Sharon Hannan is a Healthcare Executive with specialized experience in Wound Care operations, strategic planning, revenue cycle optimization, health information technology, medical service-line marketing and provider relations.  With more than 20 years of healthcare experience representing  industry leaders like Pfizer, HCA and Schering-Plough; she brings to Integumetrix the experience to successfully navigate the ever evolving healthcare industry.

Sharon built and operated the Wound and Vascular Service Line for TriStar Division of HCA, achieving a compounded annual growth rate of 41% in the first 3 years of program and an 82% 2 year CAGR by year 4.  She expanded outpatient Wound Care services into the acute care setting through a unique nurse practitioner platform which: improved access to documentation, elevated the quality of care received by patients, decreased pressure injury related hospital litigation cost, aligned scope of practice and increased referrals to the outpatient department by 39% year over year.  Within 18 months the model was replicated across 12 facilities creating over 30,000 patient visits per year.

Over the past 7 years, Sharon has also developed a passion for limb salvage and was able to institute 4 Limb Salvage programs focused on reducing amputation due to dysvascular disease and published her results in JACC and presented at CRT 2016.  Sharon speaks around the country about amputation prevention and a multidisciplinary approach to disease management.

As a Louisiana native and Ragin Cajun, Sharon received her BS in Marketing with a minor in Management from the University of Louisiana in Lafayette in 1996. Currently she and her family call Nashville, TN home.

Sharon Hannan