You cannot succeed in providing exceptional wound care without keeping up with the technology and research evidence in skin and wound care. Integumetrix can help you meet that need by providing you with skilled experts knowledgeable in their field. Here are some of the benefits of using Integumetrix for all your facilities wound care needs.
  • We provide detailed wound consultations on acute and chronic wounds that ensure proper diagnosis, intervention, and planning to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction
  • We bill the patient’s insurance provider directly
  • We offer fully integrated inpatient wound care programs with minimal start-up time and staffing that meets the needs of your facility census
  • We work with you to ensure you have the best prevention plans in place to decrease the incidence of facility acquired pressure injuries and other integumentary breakdown
  • We provide educational seminars on many skin and wound care topics to keep your healthcare professionals up-to-date on the most evidence based care
  • All of our experts have outpatient clinics in local advanced wound care centers so we can provide advanced technologies including skin substitutes and hyperbaric oxygen therapy for continuity of care once patients are released from your facility
  • All of our experts are licensed for advanced wound care and can provide procedures at the bedside including excisional sharp debridement of wounds which is vital for wound healing

Consult Services

  • Expert wound consultations and follow up Monday- Friday
  • Fully integrated inpatient and outpatient wound care programs with minimal start-up time
  • Experts licensed for advanced wound care, enabling them to provide procedures at the patient’s bedside
  • The patient or patient’s insurance provider will be billed directly


  • 2-way video visits can be scheduled Monday-Friday
  • Patients will receive an evaluation and treatment plan for their wound(s) as well as education designed to accelerate healing
  • Dressings and medications will be prescribed when appropriate
  • The patient or patient’s insurance provider will be billed directly

Wound Care Education

  • Onsite wound care education programs designed to fit a variety of needs
  • Virtual-live wound care training programs focused on educating Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Nurses
  • Wound Care billing education for new or existing provider-based practices
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